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The Guru says...

Work on yourself more than you work on your business. Work on developing the highest aspects of yourself. Practice love. Forgive the world of appearances.

Cultivate peace and compassion. Become attractive to all people by becoming the deep peace, the radiation of all love and compassion.

Take a lesson and practice it for one week. Do not cheat yourself. Start with lesson one. Do not look ahead at the next lesson, it will ruin your curiosity and stifle your desire to reach the next level. You must be patient "grasshopper" and do the lessons in their proper sequence.

This is an actual on-line seminar. Doing it by the rules can help you  begin a journey that will make you rich, happy, balanced and successful beyond your wildest dreams. You may want to use a notebook for all the lessons so you have a diary and a record of the brilliant ideas you will be coming up with.




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