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Triple your bottom line. Create a super positive work environment.

  • The system called "Transformation Games" improves teamwork, unity, and cooperation.

  • Implement the games and watch sales go up. 

  • Within this structure  goals are accomplished faster.

  • Productivity and employee satisfaction goes way up. 

  • Negativity declines and the grape vine gets healthy, (wine can be made). 

  • These games give your company renewed purpose, vitality, clarity, innovative speed, and energy.

  • The game called "Innovation Festival" can launch the one new idea that changes everything. 

  • With "Transformation Games" you will be healthier and happier and looking forward to every day.

  • A transformation game system can be applied to any area of your business that needs a boost.

You will be inspired, lit up, turned on. You will be having more fun than ever running your business. You will be more creative, less stressed and healthier.  You will be happier. Yes you will be wealthier too. Call me or e-mail me and I'll give you a free session and explain how Transformation games can take you and your business to the next level.  303-838-9467


Lets talk soon.

Copy and save the following questions to a word doc for later use. The game is...
Flash on the answers to these questions,
put a check mark on your page as you feel the answer, don't write them out. They may be different tomorrow. This thought game will raise your positive emotional energy and you will feel better right away. Its also a great way to begin our project together. Call me and give me your top three answers to each question or email it to me and include your phone number and a good time to call. 

What do you appreciate most about your business right now? (Top three )

What do you appreciate most about your products right now? (Top three )

What do you appreciate most about your systems right now? (Top three )

What do you appreciate most about your staff right now? (Top three )

What do you enjoy most about your role right now? (Top three )

How does your business serve your life's purpose right now?

What experiences would you most like your company to have in the future? (Top three )

List three great experiences that you have already had. (Top three )

List the skills you have. (as many as you can )

List the assets you have. (as many as you can )

What accomplishments are you proud of ? (Top three )

What would you like to accomplish in the next five years? (top three)

When you were a Kid, (before age 13) what was fun for you? list as many as you can.

Are you ready to have fun again? 

Lets set up a time for a conversation I'll answer all your questions and we can start playing  
Transformation Games.

Some testimonials are below.


Your profits will go up. You will feel more control and satisfaction. You will learn to create powerful systems.  Your customers' loyalty to you and your product line will deepen . 

Together we will create systems that handle your problems for you. Consider the value of well designed customer retention systems, sales systems, flub systems, communication systems, customer service systems, referral systems, gifting and marketing systems.

You will learn to understand your customers better, and supply them with more of what they need, You will become much more efficient at what you do and these small changes will add up until you triple your bottom line. 

Every year. 

That's what I can do for you and

I will demonstrate this for  you in a free consultation.  I will earn your trust and prove to you that I can enhance your bottom line. If it's not a perfect fit (the chemistry has to be right) no problem, you owe me nothing. And you will receive a free report on my research of your company that will help you to make some powerful profitable changes on your own if you so desire. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from one of these sessions.

The Morris Sign Company turnaround.

Gary, Bob and John

Here's what Gary Morris had to say.
"My business was failing, I was at the end of my rope financially and I couldn't see a way out. 
John outlined for me a simple solution that I could never have seen by myself".

"We sat under a big tree and talked for a while. I went home with a new hope and a positive attitude that I hadn't had in years. I implemented the strategies John helped me create, got out from under the debt and we soon reached the $300,000.00 mark in our once troubled business. I would heartily recommend John McKenna's services to anyone who needs to re-vitalize their business." 

Maybe it's time for an innovation festival
Its a fun way to get all your employees pumped up and contributing mass benefit to the bottom line. I will explain it to you when we talk. Send me an e-mail and we'll go over the particular gains you want to make this year.

More stories.

Maybe your business is in Great shape and you just want to take it to the next level. 
Let's start brainstorming on how you can work less and make more, improve your systems and double or triple your bottom line.

Dear Friend,

John McKenna auditioned as a speaker for our annual company convention. We had three positions open for a motivational speaker, a marketing trainer, and someone to create and lead a personal development seminar for our practitioners. We were so impressed by his audition that we gave him all three speaking positions at the convention and then sent him on the road with a seminar he designed for us called ”The Journey to Self Mastery”.

In the year that followed we experienced severe challenges, we went through two presidents and the founder of the company died. We almost went broke when the second president squandered huge amounts of money and made some tactical errors. John came in off the road, rolled up his sleeves and worked to turn the company around.

With John’s help as trainer and in-house consultant we completely turned around within the year, became profitable and back on track with high morale, great sales and lower overhead. He played a huge part in turning our Company around"

During this time John was an excellent mentor to me, (Vice President Sales and Marketing) the C.E.O Lee Wooley, and the C.O.O of the company Dee Frejo.

He implemented a unique peak-performance meritocracy that produced record-breaking sales and eventually a much more peaceful environment which was a huge accomplishment because morale had been at an all time low and the rumor mill was vicious and out of control.

His work with our company was so transformational that John was asked to sit on the board of directors and was later offered the Presidency of the company (which he declined.) He felt that his work was better done behind the scenes and the current C.O.O. needed to be the president.

I can say without a doubt that John is an excellent coach and mentor and his seminars are unique, entertaining and transformational. He is a very dedicated speaker and trainer and he has some great ideas. I am proud to recommend him.

Joda Rolfes

I can design Special Seminars and training events for your Company

 Saving The Evergreen Fitness and Racquet Club 

business turnarounds are my specialty

The owner was filing for Bankruptcy. I suggested that he allow me to look into his situation as a volunteer. Within a week I saw some glaring problems with regard to a lack of systems, disorganization, a lack of focus, and a flawed marketing program.

Immediately they started saving money and the trustee insisted that Sherman (the owner) hire me. After being hired I sat in the managers seat until I had created the necessary systems to run this club more effectively. 

Transformation games replaced meetings. 

The first quarter after I beginning transformation games the bottom line was up 15%, the next quarter we were up 40%, and the third quarter we were up 40% again. This created a saleable business. I then sat down and went over the many benefits of this club with an old friend of mine, Nick Kapande who owns Nicks Pro Fitness. The Sale was a win win for all concerned. Within one year of my looking at Sherman's bankrupt business it was profitable and sold  for a handsome sum  of money.


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