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What can Transformation games 
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     Peak Performance

     Vitality, health and energy.    

     Relationships of Love.
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     Creating Wealth.

     Career Change.
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     the next step in the journey.

     Going Pro, taking your passion to the next level.

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Health Coaching for vitality.

Health coaching is the most powerful thing 
you can do for yourself. 

Health, weight loss, anti-aging, skin care, vitality, healthy immune system

I have developed a protocol 
that will enhance every aspect of
your physical and mental well being.
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Take a free online seminar. Here you will learn how to  create a fulfilling and happy life. You can learn simple little habits that help you be healthier,  wealthier, and wise. 

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What is Lifestyle Management?

It's dialing your life into a perfect balance. It's tweaking the little areas of your life with systems and new ideas until it gets better and better every day. Creating a wonderful life is a workbook that supports you in your lifestyle management.

  "Creating a Wonderful Life". is a 30 day seminar that you do at your own pace. It took ten years to write and assemble the lessons. I wrote it  during a period of intense training sessions with a group of people from all walks of life who attended a 6-week seminar I had developed. 

The participants used the principles, met once a month for ten years, and helped "enhance" this workbook. They made it more potent and helped to create this very powerful tool by living it and using it.


This free audio download by John McKenna explains how we can make ourselves happier if we want. You can indeed have a happier life when you understand these easy to grasp principles. Listen to it now, download it for free, listen to it in your car and let it transform you.

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Your mentor has to be just right for you. That's why we spend a while getting to know each other first. 

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John McKenna is a peak performance coach

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